About Us


About Us

Matthew Kilpatrick, President of Southern Craft Consulting, has over a decade of experience in the beverage industry. He has recruited and launched 16 different local, regional, and national craft beer brands and played an integral role in launching 8 new markets for one of the largest craft beer wholesalers in the state of Alabama. In the last 5 years, Matthew and Southern Craft Consulting have managed a number of brands for a wholesaler, through which case equivalencies (CE's) sold grew 243%! Currently, we use various combinations, if not all, of our programs to improve our client's bottom line.

Our Approach

As a certified Mentor on the John Maxwell Team, President Matt Kilpatrick coaches your management team to be the best version of themselves. In conjunction with leadership training, we take a Six Sigma Black Belt approach to your overall system to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Specifically, we use a process called DMAIC to build a foundation that sets your organization up for success. We offer the following training programs, each focusing on a different aspect of your business, to help your company realize its full potential.

ALPHA - Operations

Awareness, Leadership, Process Mapping, Happy, Hopeful and Harmonious, Accountability

FIRE - Executives

First Things First, Intentionality, Responsibility, Evaluation and Improvement

FRONTLINE - Sales Management

First Things First, Responsibility, Opportunity, Never Say Never, Time Management, Leadership, Intention, Now is the Time, Empathy

MASSCOM - Marketing and Communications

Making All Systems Support Communication Over Marketing

SALES - Sales Management

System, Accountability, Leadership, Execution, Service